Malaysia Airlines [MAS] flight MH370 disappeared on March 8, 2014, and yet nobody has been able to figure out what really happened to the flight.

Here is an overview of all the developments that took place related to the debris of MH370 that was discovered during the past 12 months:

During last March, a teenager who lived in South Africa discovered new aircraft debris which was immediately sent to Australia for further analysis. According to the information derived from this analysis, it was determined that the serial numbers mentioned on these parts were similar to the serial numbers of a Boeing 777.

As a result, they declared that the debris could belong to MH370. It was initially believed that MH370 could have crashed into the Indian Ocean. Finding the debris on the African Continent is contradictory to this flight flying between Malaysia and China, in Asia.

In June, a part of an aircraft wing was found in eastern Madagascar by Blaine Gibson. Various studies were conducted to figure out where the part came from but most believed that it was from MH370.

Tanzania is located about 6,000 kilometres away from the current search zone and, as a result, some people wondered whether that wing belonged to MH370 or not. Authorities who went through those images have stated they look similar to the wings of a Boeing 777 [200ER], the same type as MH370.

Further investigations are still ongoing to confirm whether the debris definitively belongs to MH370 or not. If the debris belongs to the flight, the next question is why did it deviate so far off its flight path.

These two pieces of plane debris have been further analyzed by authorities who came to a conclusion that these parts almost certainly belong to the missing 777, a conclusion was made by Liow Tiong, the Malaysia Transport Minister.

Flight MH370 was on a routine flight between Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and Beijing, China, when it disappeared from radar screens without explanation. Debris of it is now being found from the African region, giving life to a large number of mysteries and theories.

Experts are now trying to figure out what made MH370 change its route. Hopefully, with the discovery of the debris, we will be able to find answers for these unanswered questions in the upcoming months.