The Australian Transport Safety Bureau said Wednesday that a key piece of search equipment would leave the search area the following day for good as officials make good on their promise to terminate the search until new evidence emerges.

Fugro Discovery will leave the current search area, located in the Seventh Arc [pictured above] on August 11 to travel to Singapore where it will prepare for its next project “unrelated to the search for MH370” a statement read. Fugro Equator, a survey vessel, will continue search operations, the Bureau said.

Discovery has searched 51,000 square kilometres off the west coast of Australia since being dispatched to the area almost two years ago on October 23, 2014, when it commenced search operations.

“The vessel has also travelled around 80,000 kilometres during its sixteen transits from port to the search area and back.”

Weather conditions are forecast to be poor over the next few days, further deteriorating by the end of the week. “Strong winds and rough seas are expected to impact on search operations.”