Captain John Cox spoke with MH370Latest via email on Wednesday and revealed several theories regarding the missing flight, while saying that no changes to aviation can be made without finding a cause first.

“Until we understand what happened to MH370, we are unable to determine how to mitigate further risk,” Cox said while adding that even pilots have not changed much since MH370 went missing.

“Pilots remain vigilant professionals, that will not change. Until we understand what caused the event we cannot know what changes, if any, are warranted,” he said when asked whether pilots have changed operationally or mentally after MH370. Cox called MH370 an event and not an accident. “I hesitate to call it an accident,” he said.

“There are several theories that are possible, a fire in an oxygen enriched environment, deliberate actions by a pilot, a hypoxic event due to depressurization and some others. Some are more likely than others but the limited evidence requires that we maintain an open mind and continue to search for more evidence,” he added.

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 went missing on March 8, 2014, with 239 aboard. Aside from parts of debris discovered off the coast of Africa, no other physical evidence has been discovered.

Will MH370 ever be found?

“Based on past history, yes. However, MH370 is one of aviation’s greatest mysteries, sadly it is possible that it could become the first jet airliner with fare paying passengers onboard that crashes and is not found. I hope that it is found, we do not need such a mystery to go unsolved.”

About Captain John Cox

Captain John Cox is a veteran airline, corporate and general aviation pilot with over 10,000 flight hours as captain-in-command of various jet airliners. He has received multiple awards and recognition’s and is the CEO of Safety Operating Systems.