Exactly three years after MH370 sent its final radio transmission before disappearing into thin air, there have been over 20 pieces of probable debris discovered and confirmation that the jets flaps were in the retracted position based on debris recovered, authorities said Wednesday in their latest report.

The Third Interim Report coincided with the third anniversary of MH370 and outlined the latest developments over the past year. It details the discovery of the first piece of debris on the French island of Reunion on July 29, 2015—a right flaperon “which was later determined to be from MH370,” the report stated.

Authorities later confirmed that MH370’s flaps were in the retracted position and that the plane was likely “broken up” during a yet unconfirmed incident. Authorities, however, are still unable to confirm whether this happened before or after impact with the ocean, one of the running theories surrounding MH370.

“Following the recovery of the flaperon, more than 20 other floating components and debris possibly from MH370 have been found as far north as the eastern coast of Tanzania and far south as the eastern coast of South Africa.” Some items from this batch like cabin interior items, the right outboard flap and left outboard flap were later confirmed to be from MH370, the report said.

Shortly after New Year, MH370Latest reported about a South African cricketer who discovered possible airplane debris while playing with his son on a beach. It was later turned over to authorities for investigation.

Additional parts of possible debris are still being found off the coast of southeast Africa even as the report was being released. “Examination of these items is continuing”

The latest report also revealed additional details on “The Malaysian ICAO Annex 13 Safety Investigation Team for MH370” otherwise known as The Team. It is made up of 19 Malaysians, seven representatives [one from each organization which comprises The Team] and led by an Investigator-in-Charge.

To date, The Team has focused on eight areas of interest surrounding MH370’s story as part of their investigation:

  • Diversion from Filed Flight Plan Route
  • Air Traffic Services Operations
  • Flight Crew Profile
  • Airworthiness & Maintenance & Aircraft Systems
  • Satellite Communications
  • Wreckage and Impact Information
  • Organization and Management Information of the Department of Civil Aviation, Malaysia and Malaysia Airlines
  • Air Cargo Consignment

MH370Latest will offer the latest updates until a final report is issued. Wednesday’s report is also “Pending the completion of the Final Report as required under ICAO Annex 13.”