Ocean Infinity, a private U.S. company specializing in surveying unmapped locations on the seabed has offered to search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 while taking on the economic risk of such a search, according to a statement sent to MH370Latest last week.

Mark Antelme, who represents Ocean Infinity on behalf of Celicourt Communications, confirmed in the statement that the company has submitted an offer to search for MH370 but the terms of the offer remain confidential.

Ocean Infinity can confirm that it has submitted an offer to search for MH370,” he said. “The terms of the offer are confidential, but Ocean Infinity can confirm we have offered to take on the economic risk of a renewed search.”

Antelme said that Ocean Infinity has been in “constructive dialogue with the relevant authorities and is hopeful that its offer will be accepted.”

Ocean Infinity describes itself as a seabed intelligence company equipped with six autonomous vehicles that provide thermal cameras, HD video, side scan sonar and GPS. They are capable of operating at 6,000 metres water depth collecting data at “record breaking speeds.”

The offer is still being discussed and has not been officially accepted. MH370 Families, who have a group with over 11,000 followers on Facebook, released a statement asking why Malaysia failed to immediately accept the “win-win offer.”

“It has been more than four months now since Ocean Infinity first made the offer to carry out the search with a fee payable contingent upon success. We believe this offer should be accepted without further delay.”